Thursday, March 29, 2007

Forward for Series 60

An application which allows the user to forward on files which have been received over Bluetooth, infrared, MMS or e-mail. Also includes the ability to copy files in the Inbox to elsewhere on the phone. Version 1.21 adds support for the MMC card on the 3650. Note that phones based on Symbian OS v7.0s and later have copy-protection software which will not allow you to use Forward to send content like music and applications

Download Forward v1.21

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Metro - The ultimate public transport guide for your PDA or Smartphone

Metro - Underground route planner for major cities around the world.

Start Screen

Compute route


Symbian Series 60 (Nokia)
Program for Symbian S60 smartphones users (1st & 2nd editions: Nokia N-Gage, 36xx, 62xx, 66xx, 76xx, ...) (~500kb)
Program for Symbian S60 smartphones users (3rd edition: Nokia E50, E60, E61, E70, N71, N72, N73, N80, N91, N93, 3250, 5500...) (~600ko)
Other cities for Symbian S60 smartphones users (~6300kb)

Symbian Series 80 (Nokia 9300, 9500, ...)
Program for Symbian S80 smartphones users (~500kb)
Other cities for Symbian S80 smartphones users (~6300kb)

Symbian Series 90 (Nokia 7710, ...)
Program for Symbian S90 smartphones users (~500kb)
Other cities for Symbian S90 smartphones users (~6300kb)

Symbian UIQ (SonyEricsson P800/P900...)
Program for Symbian UIQ smartphones users (~450kb)
Other cities for Symbian UIQ smartphones users (~6300kb)

PalmOS and Windows Mobile (PocketPC & Smartphone)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Virca IRC is a J2ME application for PDA or a cell phone

Virca IRC is a J2ME application for running on embedded devices such as a PDA or a cell phone. This one does that, and it lets you connect to IRC.

A short list of some of the features:
  • Multiple windows
  • Profiles, for using multiple servers without having to type the host/nick each time
  • Scrolling
  • UTF-8/Cyrillic/Russian codepages supported natively
  • Open Source

Download 1.1.20
English version: jar, jad and source.
Russian version by An12345 (Pentik): jar, jad and source.
Wap page available at Motorolas can also get it OTA from Contributed Palm PRC here (thanks to bspit)

jmIrc - IRC MIDlet for mobile phones

jmIrc is a J2ME MIDlet allowing ie. cell phone owners to use IRC wirelessly. It should work on any device supporting MIDP 1.0 and also supports connecting through HTTP proxy server on phones that don't support the Java socket API.
Some features
  • Should run on any J2ME device
  • Tries to be small and easy to use (v0.95 is 34 kB, Virca is 33 kB and WLIrc 1.0 is 49 kB)
  • Supports multiple windows and scrolling is easy with pgup/pgdown and home/end buttons.
  • Supports Russian codepages KOI8-R and Windows-1251 natively
  • Supports UTF-8 autodetect, native encoding/decoding and fallback charset if decoding fails
  • Supports connecting through an HTTP proxy and provides a standalone easy-to-set-up proxy
  • You can add favourites for most used phrases and send them with few button presses
  • Full and working support for mIRC colours (WLIrc has also full but not always so working support)
  • All files are free software and thus GPL'd including the proxy code


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

mIRGGI is the first IRC client for S60 3rd Edition devices.

mIRGGI is the first IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client for S60 3rd Edition devices.


First, change the settings (they are automatically displayed when running mIRGGI for the first time). Input nick, username, realname and server. Press back and then connect.

If you want mIRGGI to connect to channels or open query windows on startup, input them to Auto windows setting. Separate channels and nicks with commas. If you need keys for channels, you can input them too. Example: #channel key,&channel2,nick1,nick2 will open #channel with a key, &channel2 without a key and query windows for nicks nick1 and nick2. These windows are numbered 1-4 and you can use keys 1-4 to quickswitch to them.

NOTE! Disconnecting and connecting or connecting after network disconnection might not work. Close mIRGGI and start again. Yes, this will be fixed.

To input text, press enter or OK button. This will bring the cursor to the input line at the bottom of the screen. Press enter or OK to send the line/command. If you don't want to type anything, pressing OK/enter on an empty line disables inputting. If the line starts with / it is considered a command, otherwise the text is sent to the channel or query target.

When not inputting text, left/right change the windows. Also pressing 0-9 will jump to that window (0 is always the server window, channels and queries start from 1). Up/down will scroll the current window. At the moment, the window scrolls down when new text arrives. I know, this can be annoying sometimes.

Windows are created when joining to a channel or starting a query. They are not closed if you leave a channel at this time. You can use /cquery command to change the nick in the current query window if the other party changes their nick.

Download mIRGGI


Sunday, March 18, 2007

Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion Virtual Machine for Series 60

ScummVM is a collection of interpreters, capable of emulating several adventure game engines. ScummVM mainly supports games created using SCUMM (Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion), used in various LucasArts games such as Monkey Island and numerous Humongous Entertainment games.

ScummVM also contains interpreters for several non-SCUMM games. Currently these are Beneath a Steel Sky, Broken Sword 1 and 2, Flight of the Amazon Queen, Gobliiins, Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb, Simon the Sorcerer 1 and 2, The Feeble Files and The Legend of Kyrandia.

At this time ScummVM should be considered beta software, and is still under heavy development. Be aware that whilst we attempt to make sure that many games can be completed with few major bugs, crashes can happen.

Release binaries
Symbian S60 version 1 binary (1.4M .sis)
Symbian S60 version 2 binary (1.4M .sis)
Symbian S60 version 3 binary (1.8M .sis)
Symbian S80 binary (1.4M .sis)
Symbian S90 binary (1.4M .sis)
Symbian UIQ 2 binary (1.4M .sis)
Symbian UIQ 3 binary (1.8M .sis)


Beneath a Steel Sky, SKY.CPT - required to run the game with a post-0.7.* ScummVM (416k)
Beneath a Steel Sky, Freeware CD Version (67M)
Beneath a Steel Sky, Freeware Floppy Version (7.3M)
Flight of the Amazon Queen, Freeware CD Version (small - has mp3 compressed sfx/speech) (34.8M)
Flight of the Amazon Queen, Freeware CD Version (small - has ogg compressed sfx/speech) (35.6M)
Flight of the Amazon Queen, Freeware CD Version (large - unmodified original) (87M) download this version if your ScummVM doesn't have mp3 support
Flight of the Amazon Queen, Freeware Floppy Version (6.7M)
Flight of the Amazon Queen, queen.tbl - required to run original versions of FOTAQ (1.1M)
Broken Sword 1 Cutscene Pack (ENGLISH) (31.2M)
Broken Sword 1 Cutscene Pack (French AddOn) (1.6M) Override files in English Pack with this archive contents
Broken Sword 1 Cutscene Pack (German AddOn) (1.8M) Override files in English Pack with this archive contents
Broken Sword 1 Cutscene Pack (German) (32M) This is alternative offsite package with both German videos and audio
Broken Sword 1 Cutscene Pack (Italian AddOn) (2.5M) Override files in English Pack with this archive contents
Broken Sword 1 Cutscene Pack (Spanish AddOn) (2.2M) Override files in English Pack with this archive contents
Broken Sword 1 Demo Cutscene Pack (19M) - Requires ScummVM 0.10.0svn
Broken Sword 2 Cutscene Pack (ALL LANGUAGES) (27.8M)
Broken Sword 2 Demo Cutscene Pack (767KB) - Requires ScummVM 0.10.0svn
The Legend of Kyrandia, KYRA.DAT - required to run all versions of the game (60k)
Flight of the Amazon Queen, Freeware CD Version (34.8M)
Flight of the Amazon Queen, Freeware Floppy Version (6.7M)

Game Demos (LucasArts Demos, Humongous Entertainment Demos, Miscellaneous Demos)

PS. You can download ScummVM for : Windows Installer (1.9M Win32 .exe), Windows zipfile (2.4M zipfile), Fedora Core 5 and 6 package (1.8M RPM), Fedora Core 2 package (1.6M RPM), Debian Stable (sarge) package (1.6M .deb), SlackWare package (1.7M .tgz), Mac OS X Universal Disk Image (3.9M disk image), PlayStation2 package (3.0M .zip), PSP (PlayStation Portable) package (4.0M .zip), Nintendo DS package (3.4M .zip), PalmOS 5 binary (2.4M zipfile), PalmOS Tapwave Zodiac binary (3.1M zipfile), Windows CE ARM package (1.8M zipfile), Opie SDL package Only for iPAQ h1910/h1915 and MyPal 716 (1.7M .ipk), Dreamcast plain files (3.0M .tar.bz2), Dreamcast Nero Image & Demos 6.9M zipfile, GP2X package 2.0M zipfile, Solaris 8 and up (Sparc) binary (1.6M .tar.bz2), Solaris 10 (both IA32 and AMD64) binary (5.7M .pkg.bz2), BeOS package (2.0M pkg), AmigaOS 4 package (3.0M .lha), MorphOS package (2.8M .lha), Atari/FreeMiNT package (68020 and up) (1.7M .zip), OS/2 package (2.4M .zip) here

Monday, March 12, 2007

ZXBoy - Spectrum Emulator for Series 60

ZXBoy - Spectrum Emulator for Series 60

Emulate the Sinclair Spectrum 48K / 128K on your phone!
Relive those 80's classics!
  • Plays all 48K and 128K Sinclair Spectrum games
  • Full joystick support - Kempston, Cursor, Sinclair 1 & 2
  • Full Virtual Keyboard support for entering text
  • Support for .sna, .z80 and .tap files
  • Save game at any point
  • Full redefinable key suport - map any key on your phone to any Spectrum key
  • Send game files via IR, Bluetooth or Email
  • Full 48K sound support (Registration required)

Download ZX Boy

ZXBoy is made available completely free of charge.
However, certain features, such as full sound support, widescreen mode and GameBrowser downloads are only enabled once ZXBoy has been registered.

After starting ZXBoy, the main title screen will be shown. This allows game files to be selected, played, deleted and sent. To play a game, select 'Play' from the Options menu, and you will automatically be prompted to choose an installed game.

Games can be installed either by using the integrated GameBrowser to install games directly to the phone, or the game files (.z80, .sna, .tap) can be sent to the phone from a PC via IR, Bluetooth or Email. The Nokia PC Suite for the Nokia 3650 can also be used to copy game directly to the '\ZXBoy' folder on the MMC card.

Once the emulator has started, the game will either automatically load (for .z80 & .sna files), or will wait for you to load the game manually (.tap files). To load from the emulated tape, select 'Load From Tape' from the Options menu.

Once a game has started, the emulated joystick can be changed by selecting 'Select Joystick' from the Options menu.

At any time, the Virtual Keyboard can be opened by pressing the Right Softkey. This will make the game screen smaller, and display a virtual keyboard at the bottom of the screen. Use the joystick to select a key, and press the joystick button inwards to select the key.

To configure a button on the phone to automatically press a specified key, hold down the 'ABC' or 'Pen' button on the phone, and press the key you wish to be remapped while the correct keyboard button is highlighted. e.g. If you wish the phone to press 'Enter' whenever the '6' key is pressed, open the Virtual Keyboard, highlight the 'Enter' key, and hold down ABC (or 'Pen') and press '6'. You will be prompted to confirm the key mapping.

To save the current key mappings, open the Options menu, select 'Keys' and select 'Save Keys'. Select 'Load Keys' to reload a saved key mapping, or select 'Reset Keys' to return the keyboard to it's initial state.

48K Sound support is included in the emulator, but it by default not enabled. Select 'Sound' in the Options menu, to toggle the sound support. If ZXBoy is not registered, sound support will be disabled after a few minutes. To continue to use sound support, please register ZXBoy.

The game can be saved at any poing by select 'Save game' from the Options menu. To reload a saved game, exit the emulator and restart with the saved game selected.

128K Sound is not currently supported. This will be added in a future version of ZXBoy.

Elite (Strategy: Management)

Exolon (Arcade: Adventure)

Saboteur (Arcade: Action)

Laser Squad (Tactical combat)

Robin of the Wood (Arcade: Adventure)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Chess program for series 60

Chess program for series 60
  • Free unlimted vesion.
  • Supports two languages (English and Danish).
  • Very small (uses only 30 kb).
  • Saves last game.
  • Undo last move.
  • Two player possibility.
  • 5 levels.
  • Let computer make your move.
  • Computer agains computer.

Download Arberg Chess version

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Avalanche mobil game for Nokia Series 60

Avalanche+ is a clone based on the original puzzle game Puyo Puyo and Kirbys Avalanche.
It was produced in late 2003 and was targeted for the Nokia N-Gage. The game was produced by 4 students during a 160h course in Gaming Studies at gsCEPT

Avalanche+ is a free open-source game for the Nokia N-Gage.


N-Gage (Sound Wav)
Other Series 60 phones (Sound AMR)
Other Series 60 phones (Sound WB AMR)

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Tetron Mobile Edition

One of the best and most beloved Tetris clone, Tetron,
known for PC Platforms is now available for certain mobile devices.
You are now able to play Tetron on your Nokia 3300, 3650, 7650 or N-Gage !!
Some existing features from the PC version are implemented in TME.
TME is based on J2ME technology.

Download Tetron Mobile Edition

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Gmail on your mobile phone

Gmail email client for mobile phone
Download it once, and start accessing Gmail on your phone with just a click or two. You'll also like it because:
  • It has the same Gmail interface you know and love
  • Your account stays synchronized whether you access it from your computer or the phone
  • You can easily view attachments such as photos, documents and .pdf files

To try just, point your phone to

Official Google Blog: Gmail mobile client is live