Saturday, June 30, 2007

MailMan - pop3/smtp J2ME client

MailMan - pop3/smtp J2ME client Mailman is java writing the Post pop3/smtp client which connected to servers directly, without Jabber gateways.
English&Russian understanding interface and high flexibility due to a plenty of settings.

  • Address book;
  • Using mobile phone address book (only Siemens);
  • Using POP3/SMTP protocols;
  • Loading at first only a subject of messages and then full loading;
  • Loading a part of the message (the set quantity of lines from the beginning), and then full loading;
  • Removal messages and copies from server;
  • Converting html to the text format;
  • Viewing of messages in encodings: koi8-r, windows-1251, UTF-8 and ISO--8859-2;
  • Export loading message to eml-files;
  • An opportunity of the attached files;
  • Sending the attached files;
  • Support SSL (only for MIDP2.0 platforms also need to fill in the missing certificates).

Following platforms are supported
  • Siemens C55 and below (the separate version);
  • The others Siemens x55 with restriction: the size of the incoming letter cannot be more 16ê;
  • Siemens x55 and above;
  • Motorola MIDP2.0;
  • MIDP2.0 with JSR-75 file system;
  • The Others J2ME platforms without support of file functions (a unloading and loading on the device of files).

The Basic requirements
  • MIDP1.0 or above;
  • Connection to the Internet (services GPRS-internet or CSD-internet);
  • Necessary adjustments of a structure (HTTP-profile);
  • For platforms Siemens C55 and below limited the version with cutting down function.

Download MailMan designer

Monday, June 25, 2007

S60v3 Java Games Resizer

This small tool can resize any Java game for a s60v3 phone.
This free PC software is able to edit the manifest and resize the icon of the game.
This tool requires .Net framework 2.0

Usage is very simple : set the options (original size and output size) and then browse and select your jar files (no zip files, only valid jar files).

Download: java_games_resizer_v0.2.rar


Run WinRAR, open the file (jar).
Look for the META-INF.
Open this folder.
Look for file called MANIFEST.MF.
Open it in notepad or any other txt editor. . .
Add the following two lines at the end of the text at the end of the MANIFEST.MF file:

Nokia-MIDlet-Original-Display-Size: www,xxx
Nokia-MIDlet-Target-Display-Size: yyy,zzz

In the example above 'www,xxx' represents the native game resolution, 'yyy,zzz' represents the resolution of your phone display.

via: Symbian Freak

Sunday, June 24, 2007

BrowserSpy - WAP Device Information

BrowserSpy - WAP Device InformationBrowserSpy - Gives you detailed information about your phone's software and connection. Great for developers WAP and HTML
Get info about:
  • IP address info
  • Accept info (Your phone accepts the following: Types of content, Types of charsets, Types of encodings, Types of languages)
  • Cookies support
  • Environment info
  • Text and Format info (Your phone supports the following: Types of alignment, Types of formats, Types of links, Types of tables, Types of wrapping)
  • Phone info
  • Gateway info
  • White space info (White space test: One char, 5 white spaces, one char; 5 white spaces, one char; One char, 100 white spaces, one char; Two tabs, one char)
  • Redirection supports
  • HTTP password (HTTP username/password authetication)
  • Math info (Math capabilities: Max and Min Int, Max and Min Floa, Random number)
  • Chars info (Test of charsets: European, All, Chinese, Arabic)
To try just, point your phone wap to browser:

Thursday, June 21, 2007

10 reasons to love Opera Mini 4 beta

10 reasons to love Opera Mini 4 beta

1) Surf the Web in style
The Web. Period. You can get any site, anywhere, at any time. It's your Web, to go.

2) "X marks the spot" — start at the right place
When you load a page, Opera Mini will automatically suggest a place to begin reading. When it's time to dive into the page, Opera Mini zooms in and cleanly focuses on the content you want.

3) Stay at the right place
Opera Mini dynamically changes the size of text and images to make it convenient to read without a lot of unnecessary scrolling.

4) A mouse!
We included a virtual mouse to make it easy to scroll in any direction. The mouse cursor will look for content and links, and snap the view to them.

5) Power scrolling
Scroll faster using the keypad. Simply hit 2 to go up, 4 to go left, 6 to go right and 8 to go down. Opera Mini will snap the view to the content. Hit 5 to zoom in and out.

6) Fast and cheaper browsing
As always, Opera Mini delivers the pages you want, quickly. In doing so, Opera Mini makes your data bill cheaper, too. Opera Mini loads pages more than 2x faster than other mobile browsers.
Opera Mini speed comparsion

7) Good old Small Screen Rendering
Is it just too much scrolling for you? Turn on "Fit to width" and enjoy the pages in the Small Screen Rendering view. In this view, the structure of the Web page is changed into a single vertical column, removing the need to scroll horizontally while browsing.

8) Quick access to key functionality with the context menu
Hit 1 to open the context menu, where you can turn on Small Screen Rendering (Fit to width) or reload the page. When focusing the cursor on a link you can see where the link really will take you, or choose to open the linked page with images turned off. When browsing with images off, you can choose to load the images in a page by selecting "Load images". You can even load the image in its original size and uncompressed, high quality by choosing "Open image".

9) Web designers go wild
We included all the cool CSS support you need to make your mobile web pages look pixel perfect.

10) It's just the beta
More crazy stuff will arrive shortly.

Download New Opera Mini 4 beta
  1. Point your phone browser to
  2. Click Download Opera Mini
  3. Follow the simple setup steps on your phone
Bonus Links:
Take all your favorite Web sites on-the-go with Opera Mini!
Opera Mini "Dimension" Beta Now Available
Opera Mini 4 beta

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Stopwatch - Free Java (J2ME) MIDlets for mobiles

Stopwatch - Free Java (J2ME) MIDlets for mobilesStopwatch - Free Java (J2ME) MIDlets for mobiles

  • Up to 5 individual stopwatches each with up to 40 cumulative split and lap times.
  • Supports split and lap mode timing (toggled with * key). Split timing shows time since started, lap mode timing shows time since last lap (and split) taken.
  • Select to show split, lap, both lap and split or time only (toggled with # key). Notice that both lap and split can only be shown at the same time if screen width supports it.

  • Shows average, best or worst lap when displaying laps (toggled with 0 key).Stopwatch up to max 999 hours 59 minutes 59.99 seconds with 1/100 of a second accuracy.
  • Persistent saving of data and mode for all stopwatch instances (but avoiding saving for a stopwatch instance in reset state, which probably is the most common thing).
  • Simple key interface with what I believe is convenient use of the keys for fast and accurate use. Based on assumption that most common use is start/stop/reset. Can be used with joystick/soft buttons and/or numeric keypad.
  • Stopwatch will "keep" running even if closing the Java application when running. Saves battery if required to run the stopwatch for a long time.
  • Designed with low CPU/power usage in mind. That is, update to display (which is the main CPU intensive activity) is only done as required by state of shown stopwatch instance.
MIDP 2.0 Stopwatch rev. 1.1:
JAR/JAD zipped:. mirror
JAR only: stopwatch11midp2.jar
MIDP1.0 Stopwatch rev. 1.1:
JAR/JAD zipped:. mirror
JAR only: stopwatch11midp1.jar

(Support device: Nokia: 3230, 3650, 6020, 6800 (MIDP1.0), E61, E70, N70, N73; Sony-Ericsson: K300i; Motorola: A1200, Razr V3, Razr V3X, Razr Z3, SLVR)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

ReadManiac is bookreader midlet for mobile phones.

ReadManiac is bookreader midlet for mobile phones.ReadManiac is bookreader midlet for mobile phones. With ReadManiac, you can search, download and read books using practically any mobile phone with JAVA support.

Midlet comes in two versions: Standalone application (ReadManiac FULL) and midlet with emebeded book (ReadManiac LITE).

Standalone application (ReadManiac FULL) is installed to phone once, and than used to search, download from internet and read books without a help of PC. Midlet has dedicated search engine for searching books in several on-line libraries. ReadManiac download these books directly to phone's memory. Once installed, it becomes library in the pocket.

Midlet with embeded book (ReadManiac LITE) is built with ReadManiac Building Wizard on PC. Wizard embeds selected book into midlet. Resulting midlet that can be installed to phone and used to read embeded book.

ReadManiac aims to be Commercial Quality Freeware.

  • ReadManiac FULL can search and download new books from internet - and this makes it a true library in the pocket;
  • Besides standart phone's fonts, ReadManiac can use custom small fonts for comfortable reading on small phone screen, including ability to create and embed user fonts;
  • Program has powerfull options for text formating, allowing to use a small phone screen in full;
  • Bookmarks and search features are supported;
  • On Siemens phones, and phones with JSR-75 or Motorola FileAccess API, ReadManiac FULL has a build-in file browser to access phone's filesystem. Text file size is limited only by available space in FLEX memory or on MMC card;
  • TXT, ZIP, PDB, PRC and TCR formats are supported;
  • package comes with easy to use Midlet Building Wizard;
Download: ReadManiac comes in a form of Install Package. Package installs ReadManiac Building Wizard application, documentation and tools. Please use Wizard to build customized midlet version for your phone, and install midlet via cable, IRDA or bluetooth.
Current version is 2.5.2. Download it ReadManiacSetup.exe
WAP download: If you do not have cable or cradle to upload from PC to phone, you can download pre-built midlet from WAP page:

Friday, June 01, 2007

MobileOrganizer for Symbian Series 60 devices

MobileOrganizer is a PIM (Personal Information Management) application for Symbian Series 60 devices. This application is able to store text and voice messages and to notify the user about them when the date and time is right. The user can view all the messages in a special list from which he is able to display, edit and change their settings. Notesí settings are: Type, Date, Time and Repeat. There are two types of notes, ToDos and Reminders. The ToDo note doesn't have a time setting and it is only visible in the list view. This type of a message doesn't generate an event and user won't be notified about it. A reminder note has an activation time setting to alarm the user. The reminder can also have a repeat setting. By default, repeat is set to "Do not repeat", but the user can select other available options such as "Every day", "Every week", "Every month".

  • Remembering voice and text messages
  • Viewing and editing notes
  • Setting notes parameters
  • User notification
Download free forSeries 60 2nd Edition: organizer_symbian8.sis (Nokia 3230, Nokia 6260, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6670, Nokia 6680, Nokia 6681, Nokia 6682, Nokia 6680, Panasonic X700, Panasonic X800, Samsung SGH-D720, Samsung SGH-D730.)