Saturday, June 30, 2007

MailMan - pop3/smtp J2ME client

MailMan - pop3/smtp J2ME client Mailman is java writing the Post pop3/smtp client which connected to servers directly, without Jabber gateways.
English&Russian understanding interface and high flexibility due to a plenty of settings.

  • Address book;
  • Using mobile phone address book (only Siemens);
  • Using POP3/SMTP protocols;
  • Loading at first only a subject of messages and then full loading;
  • Loading a part of the message (the set quantity of lines from the beginning), and then full loading;
  • Removal messages and copies from server;
  • Converting html to the text format;
  • Viewing of messages in encodings: koi8-r, windows-1251, UTF-8 and ISO--8859-2;
  • Export loading message to eml-files;
  • An opportunity of the attached files;
  • Sending the attached files;
  • Support SSL (only for MIDP2.0 platforms also need to fill in the missing certificates).

Following platforms are supported
  • Siemens C55 and below (the separate version);
  • The others Siemens x55 with restriction: the size of the incoming letter cannot be more 16ê;
  • Siemens x55 and above;
  • Motorola MIDP2.0;
  • MIDP2.0 with JSR-75 file system;
  • The Others J2ME platforms without support of file functions (a unloading and loading on the device of files).

The Basic requirements
  • MIDP1.0 or above;
  • Connection to the Internet (services GPRS-internet or CSD-internet);
  • Necessary adjustments of a structure (HTTP-profile);
  • For platforms Siemens C55 and below limited the version with cutting down function.

Download MailMan designer