Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Bombus is a Jabber compatible instant messaging client for mobile phone

Bombus - is Jabber client for mobile phone (supporting Java MIDP 1.00 and MIDP 2.00). It allows you to use Jabber, ICQ, MSN, AIM, Yahoo,, GTalk instant messaging right on your phone using your 3G or GPRS connection.

  • Sending and receiving instant messages
  • Group contacts
  • registration new accounts on Jabber servers
  • Adding, removing, renaming contacts
  • Ignore Lists
  • Privacy Lists
  • Service Discovery
  • Multi-User Chat
  • Smileys
  • New message alerts
  • Insert an attachment to a message
Download Free
MIDP-2.0 - jar, jad
MIDP-2.0 ZLib - jar, jad
MIDP-1.0 Siemens - jar, jad

Bonus Links:
Jabber servers

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ViNZ said...

Just like Bombus, you can send and recieve and you can log your chats as well with Dexrex, a free extension that supports several chat networks and clients. Store all your IM's and SMS messages with Dexrex no need for signpus. Just download the extension and your good to go!