Sunday, June 24, 2007

BrowserSpy - WAP Device Information

BrowserSpy - WAP Device InformationBrowserSpy - Gives you detailed information about your phone's software and connection. Great for developers WAP and HTML
Get info about:
  • IP address info
  • Accept info (Your phone accepts the following: Types of content, Types of charsets, Types of encodings, Types of languages)
  • Cookies support
  • Environment info
  • Text and Format info (Your phone supports the following: Types of alignment, Types of formats, Types of links, Types of tables, Types of wrapping)
  • Phone info
  • Gateway info
  • White space info (White space test: One char, 5 white spaces, one char; 5 white spaces, one char; One char, 100 white spaces, one char; Two tabs, one char)
  • Redirection supports
  • HTTP password (HTTP username/password authetication)
  • Math info (Math capabilities: Max and Min Int, Max and Min Floa, Random number)
  • Chars info (Test of charsets: European, All, Chinese, Arabic)
To try just, point your phone wap to browser:

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