Tuesday, November 28, 2006

C2Doom is the best Doom engine port for Nokia S60

C2Doom is the best Doom engine port for Nokia S60, S80 and S90 phones. It supports all Id Software WAD files and many unofficial. C2Doom has audio FX , music and even a Bluetooth multiplayer support.
C2Doom is a game engine: You need WAD files to play it. Id Software FTP site is a one location of Doom1.wad that contains a shareware WAD file.

You can find commercial WAD files from the CDROM drive if you own a purchased Doom game for PC. Id Software is still selling Doom, you can buy one, the WAD file that is delivered within game can be used also with S60 and S80 C2Doom.

Download installation packet and install it into your phone. Copy the WAD file into phone or memory card by using memory card reader, PC suite, IR file transfer, bluetooth or any other method you prefer. It can be stored anywhere in the phone; it can be in any file folder or in messaging folder, in Memory card or in internal memory. When you open C2Doom application, it browses trough your phone memory and locates WAD files. Once one is found a confirmation is asked if that WAD file is intented to be used. It is possible to have several WAD files in the phone and by let UI seek another WAD file user can select which one is used.The another WAD file can selected afterwards by choosing "Advanced" "Reset WAD file" from Options menu.


C2Doom for S60
C2Doom for S80

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