Saturday, December 02, 2006

Bantumi GL is free classical game

Bantumi GL OpenGL and OpenGL ES version of the classical game, licensed under GPL

Game history
Bantumi is derived from a game called "Mancala" that originated in Africa, thousands of years ago. There are many variants of the game, from the number of stones in each tray at the start of the game through to how each of the stone is actually won.
Rules of the game
The objective of the game is to move your stones from the trays at the bottom of the screen into your mancala on the right hand side. The following rules apply to the bantumi game you can download on this page.
  • The game always moves counterclockwise.
  • After you have made your selection, each tray increases by 1 counterclockwise, until all the stones you picked up have been used.
  • You cannot drop any stones into your opponents mancala.
  • If your stone arrives in your mancala, your score increases by 1.
  • If your last stone arrives in your mancala, you have another move to do.
  • If your last stone arrives in an empty tray in the bottom half, it is added to your total, and any stone in the opposite tray are added as well.
  • If either player is left with no stone in their trays, the game is over. If the other player still has stones, they are added automatically to his mancala (player - machine).
  • The winner is the player with the highest number of stones in his mancala.

Download Bantumi

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