Thursday, December 14, 2006

Spear of Destiny for Nokia S60

Spear of Destiny S60 0.8.2
(Requires game data from a full version of Spear of Destiny, namely:audiohed.sod, audiot.sod, gamemaps.sod, maphead.sod, vgadict.sod, vgagraph.sod, vgahead.sod and vswap.sod.If you want to play the mission packs, you need gamemaps.sd2, maphead.sd2 and vswap.sd2 for mission 2,and gamemaps.sd3, maphead.sd3 and vswap.sd3 for mission 3. You can select mission packs in-game)
Spear of Destiny S60 0.8.2 Demo
(Includes demo data)

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