Monday, January 01, 2007

JabpLite - personal finance program in Java MIDP

JabpLite - personal finance program in Java MIDP which will work on a range of devices including Symbian phones and the Blackberry. JabpLite has many features to help you keep track of your finances, for example:

* Multiple accounts
* Default and user-defined categories
* Regular transactions (ie. save the transactions you do regularly)
* Track your investments
* Standing Orders (yearly, monthly, daily with any frequency), automatically generated on the due dates
* Future Balance calculations (see if you will have enough money to last until pay day!)
* Net worth calculation
* Top ten expense categories (see where your money is going!)
* Foreign currency accounts with automatic revaluation when FX rates change

and much more.

JabpLite comes with a sister program JabpBT, which allows smartphones running MIDP 2.0 to exchange data with a PC via Bluetooth. You can import or export QIF files to work with other PC-based financial programs. You can also backup your data and, when the time comes, move it onto your next phone!

JabpLite downloads:
JabpLite Series 60 v2 1.17
JabpLite UIQ2 1.17
JabpLite Java Generic MIDP2 Phone 1.17
JabpLite Communicator 9300/9500
JabpLite Java Generic MIDP1 phone 1.11
JabpLite Series 60 v3
JabpLite UIQ3 1.17

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