Thursday, January 25, 2007

NetAlarm for Symbian S60 2.0 smartphones

Use NetAlarm, you will never forget to charge a phone or miss an important call because of no coverage. Moreover, it protects your smartphone keys against accidental pressing, for example, in a pocket.

The program has three functions:
  • no network alarm
  • battery discharge alarm
  • phone keys automatic lock
All parameters can be adjusted independently for each profile. That's why, the program behaves differently during a meeting (silence profile) or in a car (outdoor profile). Auto Lock function automatically deactivates during charging, and that make easier to use a phone in a car or in an office. For each alarm you can choose suitable sound (system beep or wave,*.acc,*.rng etc.) or vibrating alert. The program starts automatically up after turn on or restart. Moreover, there is a watchdog application which looks after the main program.

download NetAlarm Lite for Symbian S60 2rd Edition phones - NetAlarmLight.sis(30KB)

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