Wednesday, January 17, 2007

PocketCounter for Nokia 7650 smartphone

PocketCounter is now ported to Nokia Series60-platform (7650 Smartphone) as native Symbian application (C++). It supports basicly all the same features as original PocketPC2002-version.
  • subsecond accuracy (~1/64 )
  • UI is designed for single-hand operation with Joystick. Also supports numpad-keys.
  • standard counting-operations; Start, Stop, Pause, Reset, Lap, Elapsed and now also Countdown and Clockmode.
  • "unlimited" list of elapsed and lap times. Only limited by phone's available memory.
  • export timelist directly to Notepad-application. List can then be sent via SMS, e-Mail, MMS, Ir, Bt
  • tiny executive (~31 kb) to save valuable memory even with included font-bitmaps
  • supports counting in background. Now in special lowpower-mode. Switch to bg-mode with taskmanager.
  • countdown. All features not yet fully implemented

This program is free

Download PocketCounter BETA2 ( 0.79)

Nokia 7650 / Series60
SIS-package 12 kb

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