Saturday, April 07, 2007

Weather For Series 60.

A Weather tracking program for Series 60 devices.

Weather allows you to download and view reports about the current weather conditions for locations all over the world. These reports are in a format called METAR and are provided by the United States National Weather Service.

The reports are downloaded from the internet so you will need to have your phone set up for internet access. If you are already able to access the web with your phone, then your phone is probably sorted. The reports themselves are really small (a few hundred bytes usually) so they shouldn't run up your bill massively. That said, you are of course responsible for any call charges encurred while using Weather.

Weather is free software covered by the GNU General Public License.

Download weather.sis

Index of ICAO Codes

Weather working on Nokia 6600, 7650, 3650, 7610, 6670, N-Gage, N-Gage QD, Siemens SX1. It should work with any phone using Symbian 6.1-7.x and S60 v1 and v2. It definitely won't work with phones using Symbian 9.x and S60 version 3. I have heard of problems with Symbian 8.x phones, the 6630 and 6680.

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