Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Smartphone Benchmark

The Smartphone BenchmarkSPMark™ for Symbian OS v9 is the most comprehensive benchmark for modern smartphones. The retail version works on the latest Symbian OS v9.x based Series 60 and UIQ phones, and enables you to professionally measure and compare performance and power consumption across various smartphones and workloads. The Professional Edition can also be ported to other platforms. SPMark for Symbian OS v9 gives an easy-to-understand SPMark score which is fully comparable with that of other phones.

SPMark for Symbian OS v9 is a new product in SPMark series of Symbian platform benchmarks. The first product, SPMark04, was released in 2004 and it supports Symbian OS v6.x, v7.x and v8.x based phones. SPMark for Symbian OS v9 was needed to support the latest Symbian OS versions.

Both SPMark for Symbian OS v9 and SPMark04 contain the same workloads, and conversely the results of non-graphics tests obtained with both products are comparable between each other.

SPMark for Symbian OS v9 Free
SPMarkJava JSR 184 Basic (benchmark designed to measure and evaluate the system’s performance in running Java applications)

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