Saturday, May 26, 2007

Vimio LiveTV System

Vimio LiveTV SystemVimio has developed a video coding technology, designed for standard mobile devices such as Symbian, Windows Mobile, BREW, and Java phones. The technology works on phones with low processing power, low display resolution, and limited memory capabilities.

Vimio offers a mobile video coding technology that enables affordable video services over GSM/GPRS, EDGE and 3G networks.

The technology is used in the unique LiveTV feature, where you can view live television over any mobile network.

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Avinash Rathod said...

Yeah , this app works good with my gprs connection too. I know my operator is not EDGE enabled yet, and still I do not get much interruptions. Just hope they put some indian channels there.

Anonymous said...

I have used it on my P990 and it works just fine .
the only bad thing is it has only 5 channels

Anonymous said...

I tried to connect to but alwys got the message "BAD REQUEST". where can I download vimiotv application for my e71