Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tumbleweed - 3d game for Nokia Series 60 3rd edition

Tumbleweed - 3d game for Nokia Series 60 3rd editionFeel the thirst of the desert and listen for the sound of wind in the dunes, but look there is life even here - tumbleweed, a small ball of living grass is trying to prepare for a long trip to oasis and collect any water it can find on its way. Do you think little Tumbleweed can make it? Guide the tumbleweed on its journey
through steep turns and narrow passages, in the sunlight or during the night. Do not miss any water on
your way and try to avoid the stinging cactuses. Based on Mobiola 3D engine, the unique realism of physics and graphics of the game will have you rolling and jumping in the desert for hours. Have a safe trip.

Free Download here

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