Monday, February 11, 2008

MsgExport for Nokia Series 60 3rd edition

MsgExport for Nokia Series 60 3rd editionMsgExport is free application can only export SMS (not yet MMS). It can export to HTML (UTF-8 Encoding, so it should support any characters), and Text. When exporting, it will create 2 files, one is ordered by contact name, and the other is ordered by date. If you have memory card in your phone, it will export to E:\SMSLOG, and if not, it will create the file in C:\DATA\SMSLOG\. The filename contains current date and time. If you cancel the application, it will stop at the point when you press cancel (the messages that are already exported will not be deleted).

Free Download: MsgExport.sisx




For some reason, the dates/times seem to be off when I export. Perhaps something that I'm doing incorrectly?

Andrew said...

maybe try “SMS Export” you can find this app on this blog