Thursday, March 27, 2008

Quake II for Nokia S60 3rd Edition FP1

Quake II for Nokia S60 3rd Edition FP1This is port of Quake II for Nokia S60 3rd Edition FP1.
Seems that a nasty defect slipped to the initial release, the game might not work correctly on all languages. If you are having problems to get the game up and running, change the phone language to english.


1. get hold of suitable datafile (original cd or shareware/demo)
1.1 if you have n95-1, update the firmware to atleast 2.x.x otherwise it does not have enough memory.
2. install P.I.P.S and the QuakeII engine. If the phone complains something about the certificate, check your settings in application manager. It should be configured to allow installation of all sis files.
3. install datafiles (using for example the usb-mass storage mode)
3.1 create "quake2" folder in the root folder of your memory card.
3.2 inside "quake2" folder, create another folder "baseq2"
3.3 now copy the pak file(s), video folder and players directory from the original cd to "baseq2" folder. If you have only the shareware file, put it to "baseq2" folder. NOTE: with shareware .pak, the screen will stay black for about 30 secs
4. (optional) install audio tracks
4.1 create "cdaudio" folder in "quake2" folder
4.2 copy exactly 10 audio tracks (mp3) to cdaudio folder and name them 1.mp3 through 10.mp3. If you don't have all the tracks correctly named there, cdaudio wont't play
5. command line parameters can be set through "cmdline.q2" file which should be placed to "quake2" folder. The file should be saved as ASCII, and only the 1024 first characters of the first line are read.

Author homepage:

Free Download: quake2_v100_armv6_fpu.sisx
(Quake2 engine (requires floating point unit and ~25-30 megabytes of free RAM, includes builtin support for following mods: ctf, xatrix and rogue))


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