Tuesday, March 11, 2008

YaPN - Yet another proxy for Nokia S60

YaPN - Yet another proxy for Nokia S60YaPN (Yet another proxy for Nokia S60) is a program for Symbian S60 3 rd ed. Python made that functions as HTTP proxy and allows user agent spoofing, "that is changing the chain identification of the mobile browser.

YaPN has been created by a Japanese programmer in order to send MMS messages using various chains user-agent and thus avoid restrictions on the operators. Other uses that come to mind may be sending MMS using a WiFi connection, in the operating permit access via HTTP, or to check as are some websites on other phones, such as the iPhone.

By files YaPN.log and YaPN.conf can configure the access point and the chain of user-agent that we want to use.

Free Download: YaPN_unsigned.sis

via: ipmart-forum.com

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