Wednesday, April 23, 2008

BeatEd - a simple drum machine for S60

BeatEd - a simple drum machine for S60BeatEd is a simple drum machine application for Symbian S60 mobile phones.

Feature highlights:
  • Easy to use beat editor, even easier beat player.
  • Change tempo and volume while playing.
  • Edit beat on-the-fly while playing.
  • 16 bit 16 channel audio mixer.
  • Extremely accurate beat timing (1-999 BPM).
  • Real-time VU meters.
  • 16 different drum tracks.
  • Supports S60 v3.x mobile phones.
  • Adjusts to different screen layouts.
  • Random volume variance.
  • and much more..
Free Download: BeatEd_S60v3_v1_10_00_Signed.SISX and data file: BeatEd_S60v3_DefaultKit_v1_10_00_Signed.SISX
(Note:You must install both the application binaries and the sample kit data file to hear any sounds.)

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