Thursday, April 03, 2008

E3DG Mobile 3D Animation Software For Symbian 3rd Edition

E3DG Mobile 3D Animation Software For Symbian 3rd EditionE3DG Beautiful 3D is a truly mobile 3D animation software, it will not only achieve 3D animation playback, mobile phones can also be converted into three-dimensional pictures of animation, with the beat with the change, users will be able to do three-dimensional animation arbitrary deformation processing (distance, distortions, arbitrary angle conversion ), animation can be easily turned into mbile screensavers or desktop, the software platform to support all the weights (smartphone, pocketpc 2003, windows mobile 5, windows mobile 6) and D600 60, the next release will also support UIQ, and updated version of Linux.

1, E3DGDisplay.SIS E3DG player software for the client, which integrates the functions of converting photos can be converted to any phone photos of 3D animation
2. E3d format documents E3DG unique 3D animation files, each one e3d document is a small independent phone 3D animation, E3DGDisplay.SIS software installation, the software can E3DG Xuan phone call broadcast Cool 3D animation.

Free Download: E3DGDisplay_3rd_v1.0.SIS and

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