Thursday, April 17, 2008

ShoZu makes your world mobile

ShoZu makes your world mobileShoZu - Connecting your phone and your online life has never been easier. With ShoZu you can interact with huge list of sites and communities – from Flickr to Facebook, YouTube to Blogger, the list goes on.
Main Features:
  • Upload Photos & Videos. ShoZu enables one-click uploading of camera phone videos and pictures to over 30 online social networks, blogs, photo sites and other popular web destinations.
  • Add Tags, Titles and Descriptions. Keep your photos and videos organized online with tags or do a little moblogging with descriptions. With ShoZu you can add tags, titles and descriptions before or after uploading your photos and videos.
  • Geo-tagging. Have a GPS enabled phone? ShoZu can geo-tag your photos and videos
New Features:
  • Update your Status. Away? Keep your friends in the know while you’re on the go. Change your status for your different accounts direct from your phone with ShoZu.
  • Enhanced Interactive Commenting. Read & reply to comments from your phone. Posted a fun photo to your online profile last night? As your friends post comments, they’re sent to your phone where you can read and reply to them all.
  • Download Friends’ Feeds. With ShoZu you can get your friends’ Flickr photos on your phone. Every time your friends add new photos to Flickr, they’re instantly sent to your phone so you’re always in the know.
Free Download: here

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