Tuesday, May 06, 2008

DEdit Text editor for Nokia S60

DEdit Text editor for Nokia S60DEdit is the first true multitasked application on Symbian.
DEdit allows you to edit multiple files and move between opened windows with handset Menu button.

  • Integrated simple file manager, which helps you to open and save files
  • Lots of hotkeys, designed for using with one hand
  • Advanced selection and movement operations
  • Support of multiple encodings, including system encoding plugins (.cpl)
  • Search and replace in text, with history of user searches.
  • History of 20 last open files
  • Remember last position of edited documents
  • Remember user defined text positions (Bookmarks)
  • Show one-based string and symbol position of cursor
author: JBAK
Free Download: DEdit 0.74.sis

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Anonymous said...

says certificate expired when i try install it on my phone