Wednesday, May 21, 2008

eReader for Symbian

eReader for SymbianeReader is an application used to read eReader eBooks on your Symbian Smartphone.

eReader has also earned Symbian Signed Certification. As a Symbian certified application, our eReader has been independently tested to follow industry-agreed quality guidelines. As a customer, you can rest assured that our eReader is designed and tested to enhance your eReading experience.

There is no charge to download and use our free eReader software. In addition to the books included with our eReader Pro application, eReader Pro also allows customers to:

  • Use reference books to fully utilize their eReader!
  • Take advantage of our Auto Scroll feature to enhance their eReading experience.
  • Benefit from additional themes to customize your eReader!
  • Adjust several display features to personalize your eReader such as text justification and line spacing.
Free eBooks: here

Free Download:
eReader Pro for Symbian OS
( Version: 2.6.2 for Symbian 60 r1, Symbian 60 r2, and Symbian UIQ)
eReader Pro 3.0.3 for Symbian 60
(Version: 3.0.3 BETA for Symbian 60 r3)


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