Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gizmo for S60

Gizmo for S60Install the Gizmo client onto your device to start making internet calls and using instant messaging (IM) and Presence. After installing the application you will be able to create an account or use the existing Gizmo username and password. With a WLAN connection you can use the full set of features - and IM and Presence are available even when you are connected over 2G or 3G.

This mobile client works with the Gizmo service (e.g. Gizmo PC, N770 & N800 clients).

  • Voice Calls. Call anyone in the world for free from your computer, save big on calls from your mobile phone.
  • Instant Message. Chat with friends on Gizmo5, MSN, AIM, Yahoo! and Jabber for free.
  • File Sharing. Easy sharing of photos, videos and files from your mobile phone or computer.
  • Two-way Text Messaging. Send SMS messages directly from your Gizmo5 account.

Free Download:
1.Install Nokia Internet Services Support Package to the device memory (not to the memory card).
Download (SIS, 730 KB)

2. Install Gizmo for S60 to the device memory (not to the memory card).

Download (SIS, 322 KB) for N80ie, E61i, E65, N73 (no VoIP support) and N73 Music Edition (no VoIP support). Works but not fully tested on: N91.

Download (SIS, 308 KB) for N81, N95, N95 8GB (v. 15.0.000 onwards) and N82 (v. 11.0.117 onwards), E51 and E90. Works but not fully tested on: N76 (no VoIP support), 6110 Navigator (no VoIP), 6290 (no VoIP), 6120 (no VoIP), 5700 XpressMusic (no VoIP).

Download (SIS, 308 KB) for N82 (earlier versions) and N95 8GB (earlier versions)

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