Thursday, June 12, 2008

FreeTimeSync -- A S60 3rd's time synchronization application

 FreeTimeSync -- A S60 3rd's time synchronization applicationFreeTimeSync is a S60 3rd's time synchronization application, it is based on the NTP (Network Time Protocol), which provides high-precision time correction (on LAN less than 1 ms, on Internet dozens of milliseconds), and only causes little network flow. FreeTimeSync also supports GPS time sync and SMS time sync.

Program is unsigned, you need to sign it.
You can open sign here

Free Download: FreeTimeSync_beta.sis
(supports following phones: 3250、5700、6110N、6120C、6121C、6220C、6290、E50、E51、E60、E61(i)、E62、E65、E70、E71、N73、N75、N76、N77、N78、N80、N81、N82、N91、N93(i)、N95、N96)



Anonymous said...

Excelent application. Works great on my N95-4 8GB. Got two seconds accuracy on my first sync. Cheers. JotaJota, Costa Rica

pavol said...

What was the theme used there? Where can I get it from? It's really cool and I like it.