Friday, June 20, 2008

UpCode for Nokia S60

UpCode for Nokia S60UpCode includes an optical reader that uses mobile phones/devices to add any electronic information or system to printed products and to electronic information on screens. With the application it is possible to integrate all businesses and all forms of eCommerce, with print and screen media. The code (2D data matrix, QR-code, 1D barcode or color code) or other type of tag (picture, OCR) gives mobile phone users multiple access and interaction, for an example but not only to internet content simply by pointing their phone at a code. Complete integration of localization, personalization, objects and other data.

UpCode is established on all continents and working in 30 countries through its offices and is expected to be working in almost 100 countries before the end of year 2008.

Free Download: here


Anonymous said...

Here is a much faster and more precise reader:

Also, there are two generators: and

But don't type on your phone, here are the barcodes for the links:
Reader, QRCode generator,
Datamatrix generator

(This is not an ad!)

Andrew said...

to anonymous
Here is a much faster and more precise reader: