Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fake Messages for Nokia S60 3rd edition

Fake Messages for Nokia S60 3rd editionFake Messages is a free fake message sending application that allows timed "sending" of fake SMS messages. SMS messages are handled inside the device, so no network connection is needed, thus sending fake SMS messages are completely free of charge..
Designed for S60 OS 9.1 Symbian smartphones, and tested only with Nokia S60 devices.

Program is unsigned, you need to sign it. You can open sign here. You'll need to mark following capabilities:
- LocalServices,
- ReadUserData ,
- WriteUserData ,
- UserEnvironment ,
- ReadDeviceData ,
- SWEvent,
- NetworkServices, and
- WriteDeviceData.

Free Download: Fake_Messages_3rdEd_Unsigned.SIS

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