Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Skobbler is lifestyle navigation software for mobile phones

Skobbler is lifestyle navigation software for mobile phones Skobbler is a unique service, which combines an Internet community with a free mobile phone navigation system. Use skobbler to find the right location – in the Internet and when on the move. These features make skobbler a search engine for special places and locations, which in conjunction with your mobile phone will guide you to wherever you are going free of charge. Regardless of whether you want to pick up some cash from an ATM, go out for a coffee or a bite to eat or get to an important business lunch on time, with skobbler you will always find your destination quickly and easily.

In addition to the website skobbler has a mobile phone application, which allows you to remotely access the location database. If your phone is equipped with a GPS receiver the application provides you with a high-end full-feature navigation function, which will guide you to wherever you want to go – on foot or by car.

The users can search the database for entries, create new entries or furnish them with photos, rate entries or have them shown on a map. The local entries in skobbler are both commercial as well as user-based. The emphasis lies in entries with a high user value, e. g. places to go out chemists, ATMs etc.

skobbler thrives on the activity and enthusiasm of its members, which is why we have integrated a unique concept into our platform. The “Local Heroes” feature measures the activity of skobbler members. We have subdivided the map of Germany into squares measuring 4 square kilometres and any user can "conquer" squares by collecting more points than others for activities within the given square.

skobbler was created and is maintained by a young team dedicated to combining the Internet with mobile telephony to create a companion for our everyday lives.

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