Monday, October 06, 2008

vTap - Symbian Client Release

vTap - Symbian Client ReleasevTap helps you find media quickly on phones and other input/display constrained devices (we released a desktop version too but that is just to give you a flavor of the experience) . For example, imagine during a dinner conversation a word or topic comes up and you want to check the meaning of a word or concept. With vTap, you could quickly find the answer right there by typing just a few characters of your query. vTap starts displaying answers as you type, so you may not even have to type the whole query.

Whats supported?
  • Search and browse videos - 200 Millions videos from 1000s of sites and counting
  • Play videos in any network, WiFi, 3G Proxy network.
  • Fast search - get video results as you type.
  • Try the number mode search in a T9 phone. For Eg : just type '6236' to get Madonna.
  • Choose the 'video quality' based on your network bandwidth to watch videos without any breaks.
  • Audio Only' to just listen to your favorite Music.
  • Play List - play your favorite videos
  • Sign-up and create your own personalized feed
This clients should work in all Symbian 3rd Edition phones.
Tested on N95, N81, N82, E51, E71, N80, N73, N93.

Free Download: vtap.sis


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