Wednesday, November 12, 2008

GSpaceMobile for S60 3rd Edition

GSpaceMobile for S60 3rd EditionGSpaceMobile tool is just intended for transferring files in between your phone and your Gmail box. In other words, it can add extra storage space (a network disk) for your mobile phone by using your free Gmail box. You can use your Gmail box as a file system via GSpaceMobile. Local files in your phone can be uploaded into your Gmail box, and remote files in your Gmail box can be downloaded into your phone and cached somewhere (Actually, the caching location may be C:\Data\GSpaceMobi\\, or E:\GSpaceMobi\\, depending on your downloading configuration in this application).
In a free version, you can upload or download files not more than 1MB in size, and can only use one Gmail account.

Free Download: GSpaceMobile_s60_3_0_v_1_02.sisx

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