Friday, November 07, 2008

Nokia Friend View, an experimental location and micro-blogging service to feel close to your friends

Because it is nice to feel close to your friends! With Friend View it is fun to check what’s up with your friends, and share where you are with them whenever you feel like it.

After installing the application and logging in, a simple way to start is by checking our Tips and Mini-help. It explains all the features available from web or phone and explains practical details such as shortcuts and graphic indicators to know, for example, if you are sharing your location with others or not, if a location is precise or not, etc.

To log in to Friend View you need to have a Nokia Account. If you already have one, just login with your Nokia Account username and password to Friend View.

To start sharing posts or locations you need to add friends, and they have to accept you as a friend of course, or the other way around. So it is all about good friends and people you love, Friend View only makes it more fun!

Home, office, on the go!
Friend View works in many S60 3rd Edition phones (the complete list of tested phones is listed in the download page). Friend View also has a web browser interface that lets you follow up from home or elsewhere (so far supports only Firefox and Safari but we are working on IE as well).

Free Download: here


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