Thursday, February 08, 2007

HIER - MSN messenger for Series 60

HIER is a powerful instant message tool, which is incorporates MSN messenger and other most popular instant messengers. This allows you a very convenient way for free chat from your cell phones.

HIER - MSN messenger for Series 60HIER - MSN messenger for Series 60

  • Sending and receiving instant messages
  • Switch channels
  • Insert an attachment to a message
  • Separate tabs for each conversation
  • Conversation history
  • New message alerts
  • Automatic download and updating of the contact list
  • Contact status information and presence management
  • Adding, removing, renaming contacts
  • Picture messaging with camera support
  • Hot keys
HIER - MSN messenger for Series 60HIER - MSN messenger for Series 60

Free download

S60_V3 (Version:V0.9 File Size:141k)
Supported Mobile Phones:
(Tips: If you have any problem with installing, please follow with:
Go to "app mgr"(application management)-- "option-setting"--turn software setting "All"--turn "online certf.check" to "Off")

S60_V7.0/V8.0 (Version:V0.9 File Size:153k)

Supported Mobile Phones:

S60_V6.1_QD (Version:V0.9 File Size:141k)
Supported Mobile Phones:
Nokia→N-Gage/N-Gage QD/7650/3650/3600/3660/3620

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IPCop said...


Please key in your MSN Email address and password, select an access point,and click the login button

*Switch Channels

After you log in, you can use Left/Right keys to switch between MSN and Message channels

*Send Messages

Please move/roll to the selected contact,and press the Right Select Key or the key of "Write messages"

*Insert an attachment to a message

In the window of "Write messages", select Options>Add attachments, and then you can attach pictures,audio and video files etc. Note: only one attachment for a message

*Remove an attachment

If you want to delete an attachment, you just need to select: Options>Add attachments>Delete

*New message alerts

When a new message received, a new message icon flashes in the Status Column followed by a number showing the number of unread messages. When an audio alert is set, you can hear it as a new message coming

*Re-login as another user

Please use Left/Right keys to move to MSN channel, and select Options>Exit MSN