Sunday, February 11, 2007

MicroCalc is a spreadsheet implemented in J2ME

MicroCalc is a spreadsheet implemented in J2ME (Java 2 Mobile Edition), this version of Java language is used on devices with small hardware footprint, such as mobile phones and PDAs.
MicroCalc interface is similar to the desktop spreadsheet software such as MS Excel, with certain limitations regarding small screen size of handheld devices and general limitations in available resources, such as heap memory size (this limits the amount of data that can be placed on a sheet), and application code size.

MC Features
  • precision: fixed point decimals with 24 bits for the fraction (40/24).
  • operators: + - * / () & (string concatenation) ^(power), comparison operators: = != < > <= >=
  • constants: PI(),E() (don't forget the brackets - they're implemented as functions without arguments)
  • storing sheets in record store
  • data types: boolean, long, decimal, string, datetime
  • cell formatting options (for numbers and date time at the moment)
  • pointer support (use pointer to select a cell, and click again to edit it)

MicroCalc midlet is freeware for individual use.


You can download the documentation as a single pdf file (~130kb). Here is its online online version.

The current version of Microcalc (MC) is 0.7.8
  • basic package for general j2me enabled device: microcalc.jad & microcalc.jar. No additional midlets are included into the package, size under 32k.
  • package for Siemens phones (includes export utility to SYLK file): microcalc45sylk.jad & microcalc45sylk.jar.
  • MicroCalc Lite: microcalclite.jad & microcalclite.jar - the same as basic package with some features removed to keep jar file size within 30k. Use this on Nokia 3590, 6310, or any other that cannot run the basic package because of midlet size limitation.
  • PRC file for use on Palm OS devices: microcalc.prc.

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