Saturday, February 03, 2007

A Sudoku puzzle game for Series 60

A Sudoku puzzle game that generates random boards, of varying difficulty, compete against the clock to get a high score.

Features include:-
  • Solve the puzzle if you get stuck
  • Also, you can receive a hint in exchange for a time penalty.
  • Save the game to continue later.
  • Optionally show mistakes as you make them
  • Mark possibilities on the board.
  • Input boards from other sources in order to play on the phone, (or cheat)
Sudoku rules
  • Sudoku is played over a 9x9 grid, divided to 3x3 sub grids called "regions"
  • Sudoku begins with some of the grid cells already filled with numbers
  • The object of Sudoku is to fill the other empty cells with numbers between 1 and 9 (1 number only in each cell) according the following guidelines
  1. Number can appear only once on each row
  2. Number can appear only once on each column
  3. Number can appear only once on each region:

This is a freeware product, and as such supplied as is for no charge.

Tested on the 6600,6630,6670,6681,6682,N70

Download Sudoku

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