Thursday, February 01, 2007

Yahtzee For Symbian Phones

Yahtzee For Symbian Phones
  • The game will suggest / highlight a good score at the end of each round (not necessarily the best score though).
  • A high score table for up to 10 entries.
  • Help text.
  • Short cut keys (Series 60 version only - see the game's help text).

Yahtzee For Symbian PhonesYahtzee For Symbian Phones

Yahtzee is freeware. Download Yahtzee for:
  • Series 60 devices: All Series 60 1st and 2nd Edition phones. Please note that Series 60 3rd Edition is based on Symbian OS v9.1 which breaks compatibility with previous versions of Symbian OS, so this game cannot be installed on the latest phones that use this OS.
Download Series 60 version 1.2 (ZIP file - 22Kb)
  • UIQ devices: the Sony Ericsson P800 and P900 range; the Motorola A920/A925/A1000.
Download UIQ version 1.2 (ZIP file - 24Kb)

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