Tuesday, April 08, 2008

mConnection - Internet network traffic & speed monitor

mConnection - Internet network traffic & speed monitorHow often did you have a low account with a thought in your mind “Ha, with two minutes internet browsing my account would not get empty”. And how often did you have to switch on a preinstalled connection manager to check the amount of megabytes used? How often did you meter a speed of your connection? Think about it – it is uncomfortable, isn’t it? That’s why we have developed a freeware application for Symbian 9 Series 60 devices, which shows the amount of used traffic and current speed of your connection. The application is named mConnection. Current version is a first public beta 0.01. This program can work with any Access Point of your device.

Current version can:
- show common amount of received and sent data;
- show common transfer speed;
- show data on top of the windows;

Free Download: mConnection.sis
(app must be signed)

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