Wednesday, April 09, 2008

MoneyManager is J2ME Symbian Free Software

MoneyManager is J2ME Symbian Free SoftwareMoneyManager is a handy and user friendly solution to track your transactions. Enables you to keep track after your transactions, categorize transactions into groups of your choice and record your financial transactions, enables you to view a monthly report, e-mail your transaction list to your personal computer for storage off of your phone.

Main Features:
  • Insert: Enables to create a new transaction, specifying amount, category, date and note.
  • Modify: Modify selected transaction detail.
  • Delete: Delete selected transaction.
  • Clear Month: Delete all transctions for selected month.
  • Statistics: Group by category monthly transactions.
  • Email: Enables to send an email with attached monthly report in Excel or CSV format.
  • Categories: Manage (Insert/Modify/Delete) your categories.
  • Preferences: Enables to view monthly transactions ordered by data, ascending or descending.
Free Download: here

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