Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Weather for Series 60 3rd edition

Weather for Series 60 3rd editionA Weather tracking program for Series 60 devices.

Requires S60 3rd Edition FP1, or better (although only tested on FP1). There is an old version available for 1st and 2nd Editions here.

Weather is a simple application which downloads and displays reports about the current weather conditions for about 6000+ locations all over the world. The reports are provided by the United States National Weather Service, and are in a format called METAR.
The reports themselves are really small (a few hundred bytes usually) so they shouldn't run up your data usage too much.

Free Download:
weather_s60_v1.0.1_nogps.sisx (no GPS)
weather_s60_v1.0.1_withgps.sisx (GPS)


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew.
Could you repost the the software packages, they are not on the server.

Andrew said...

Thanks, fixed.

Anonymous said...

Hi again Andrew.
I can't install the GPS one to my E90, it gave my some error.

The non-GPS one installed ok.