Friday, August 21, 2009

FreeAir for Series60

FreeAir  for Series60FreeAir is a very usefull program for your phone with built-in wlan (wifi). Often you need to find an unsecured wlan for fast internet connection and many programs dont really help you because they alert you every time any new wlan appears. Thats the moment when FreeAir can help you. You start searching "FreeAir" and it will alert you only when an unsecured/open wlan appears.
You even can adjust FreeAir to you. Do you need to be really precise or want to save your battery charge? Adjust the time interval between the searches as you want it or adjust none and take the default.
Or personalize your alert sound. Just replace C:\FreeAir\alert.wav with any sound you want.

Free Download: here

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Anonymous said...

does it actually TRY to connect to some known server before alerting you? 90% of open WLANs i encounter are dead.