Wednesday, August 19, 2009

True Caller - True Mobile Caller ID!

True Caller - True Mobile Caller ID!TrueCaller is a caller ID application which shows you who the caller is if you don´t have the number saved in your phone book.
TrueCaller is supported by more than 100 devices and runs in the background and activates on incoming phone calls and text messages (SMS).

This is how TrueCaller works
  1. You receive a phone call from a number that is not saved in your phone book
  2. TrueCaller searches for the number in our databases
  3. If TrueCaller finds the number it will be displayed on your screen. If number is not found you will be prompted, "No matches found..."
  4. When phone call has ended TrueCaller will ask you if you want to save the caller to your phone book (if the caller is found)
Free Download: here


BenjiJK said...

This may not work for me on T-Mobile, cos it requires data transmission. With T-Mobile, data shuts off when a phone call is made. So it may not work.

Anonymous said...

BenjiJK that is only on GPRS, 3G can handle voice and data at the same time.

tsaigao said...

doesn't work properly for me. i live in canada, yet it gives me us address & ppl when calls come in